C&I Solar Rooftop

Invest in solar energy with Genergy

C&I solar rooftop solutions of Genergy are designed to satisfy the complicated requirements of businesses. To assure the investment of customers return in the shortest time and long term financial income.

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Solar Energy System for Agricultural

Let Genergy reduce the electricity bill for your farm by the intergrated solar energy solutions.

Solar energy system for Purify Water Factory

  • Reducing the electricity cost by producing renewable energy in place.
  • Switching from waste treatment to receive profits.
  • Qualified to enjoy preferential treatments from the government.

Rising electricity prices affect profits for your business or factory? At Genergywe help you convert energy costs into channels that generate income by way:

  • Implement energy saving strategies to reduce monthly costs.
  • Invest, design and install renewable energy technology equipment on-site.
  • Help you keep track of the return on investment with real-time analysis.
  • Guide you how to increase savings by energy management.
  • To learn more about how Genergy can reduce your energy costs and increase profits with highly profitable commercial energy solutions, learn more here.

Solar energy system for Businesses, Factory

Solar energy system for Carport

Solar carport systems, shading and canopy structure analyzes are carried out, designed by Genergy's professional engineering team

Help customers reduce energy costs, enhance asset values, and reinforce the company's sustainability commitments.

Genergy projects

Hệ ĐMT Mái nhà Tổng kho Tiến Nga - Biên Hòa

Capacity: 10 MWac

Genergy work: Installation, commissioning.

Solar Energy Rooftop in Krong Buk - Đak Lak

Capacity: 01 MWp.

Genergy work: Installation, commissioning.

Green Eco Solar Rooftop - Dong Nai

Capacity: 01 MWp.

Genergy work: Consulting, designing, installation, commissioning.

Xuan Loc Solar Energy Rooftop - Dong Nai

Capacity: 01 MWp.

Genergy work: Consulting, designing, installation, commissioning.

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